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Interactive Presentation & Book Signing
All presentations will begin with a chat about what an author is, as well as examples of how illustrators help bring stories to life, and how readers can tell what a book is about by looking at its cover. I will also ask a variety of fun questions that will later be used to compare how similar my book characters are to the students themselves.

My presentations are high energy and fun, and will work in a small classroom, library, or auditorium.

Signed books will be available for purchase on the day of the presentation. Order forms (photo copy to be printed supplied by me) should be sent home at least one week in advance. If teachers can have these forms available for me upon my arrival, I can sign the books before the presentation begins, to hold aside for teachers to distribute later. This works best so that no child feels left out if they don’t receive a book. It’s all done behind the scenes. 

Every child will receive a prize at the end of the presentation.

Each school can choose from one of four 45-minute presentations.

Presentations to choose from: 

Story Mapping! How to Map a Book – This presentation will begin with a reading of BULLDOZER DREAMS. Then I will call upon several children to draw where and what Bulldozer is doing during specific parts of the book. At the end of the story mapping process, the class will be rewarded by me signing the story map to keep for their classroom.                
Curriculum Connection: Maps are fascinating to children. In BULLDOZER DREAMS, the little bulldozer visits some super fun places and gets to do fun things. Mapping those story locations will allow children to follow directions, pay attention to the order of events, and reach an exciting story destination at the end of the book. It also reinforces reading comprehension, as students share their understanding of where the little bulldozer is, and what he is doing at different points in the story. 
Grade: K-2

Name that Car Part Game! - This presentation will begin with a reading of RACE CAR DREAMS, followed by an interactive Power Point game that will have kids on their feet as they wave their flags (provided by me) to show off their car part knowledge. Children will be divided into two teams, and everyone at my race track is a winner!                                        
Curriculum Connection: Reading Comprehension and Public Speaking. Nothing grabs a child’s attention like a high energy competitive game. My interactive game encourages students to pay attention to the story as it’s being read, and to participate in a group setting as they answer questions aloud during the game.  At the end of the game, all kids will win a prize. 
Grade: K-2

From First Draft to Final Book! – This presentation will highlight all the various stages of how a book is made. From concept to first draft, revisions, and then acquisition by a publisher. It will include various stages of illustrations, from sketches to final art, and will end with a reading of one of my books chosen by the teacher. 
Book Tie-In: Teacher’s Choice of which book (Choices: RACE CAR DREAMS, BULLDOZER DREAMS, or THE SPARROW AND THE TREES)
Curriculum Connection: Literature, Art, and Writing     I will share all of the important steps that are needed to turn a draft into a book. After completing story time with one of my books, I’ll hand out simple booklets, made from sheets of paper gathered and stapled together, so students can write and illustrate their own stories.
Grade: K-3

Being Kind to Others! – Kids often have to deal with unkindness, such as someone not sharing, calling them a name, or leaving them out of a group. We’ll discuss how to deal with this if it happens to them, what it means to always be kind, and ways that they can be kind to others. I’ll explain how folklores have been used for centuries to convey some of life’s most important lessons.  
Curriculum Connection: Folklores: How Folklores are used to teach valuable lessons. Sometimes the best lessons are those that children don’t realize are a lesson. Instead they are taught by looking through the eyes of an animal or an inanimate object.                                                                                                                                             
Grade: K-3

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Our Kindergarten enjoyed our visit with Mrs. Chriscoe. She was inviting and engaging. Our kids loved her book and her presentation. We would love to have her again at CRE. 
—Ashley Talbott , Kindergarten Teacher, Cedar Ridge Elementary